Remembering a Human, Being.

“Got word yesterday that Kim Cameron had passed. Hit me hard. Kim was a loving and loved friend. He was also a brilliant and influential thinker and technologist.”

Kim Cameron: among the few techies more human than tech.

Kim’s Seven Laws of Identity on the Blockchain and Informational Self-Determination in a Post Facebook/Cambridge Analytica Era (in the Ownership of Data track):

1️⃣ User control and consent
2️⃣ Minimum disclosure for a constrained use
3️⃣ Justifiable parties
4️⃣ Directed identity pairwise, known only to the person and the other party)
5️⃣ Pluralism of operators
6️⃣ Human integration
7️⃣ Consistent experience across contexts

Britt Blaser says life is like a loaf of bread. It’s one loaf no matter how many slices are in it. Some people get a few slices, others many. For the sake of us all, I wish Kim had more.

Airborne aluminum, meet .50 cal. machine gun.



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